James Turrell Skyspace AMARNA

Art Installation at MONA
James Turrell artist
Flicetti provided Structural Design, Documentation, Certification and Supervision

AMARNA is one of a series of more than 80 Skyspace installations Turrell has built in high altitude and geographically isolated locations.  MONA’s work is the largest Skyspace to date and Turrell’s southern-most installation. AMARNA is best viewed at sunrise or unset : www.mona.net.au/james-turrell

Felicetti provided structural engineering design, certification and supervision for the Skyspace structure (the composite skin was engineered by the manufacturer). Extensive wind tunnel testing was required given the aerodynamic shape of the roof and the large wind uplift forces. Felicetti utilised the mass of the museum concrete structure to hold down the Amarna structure. Careful radar investigations were undertaken to ensure that anchor bolts would not cut through the existing post tensioned cables in the roof slab.