MUMA entrance

Art Installation at Monash University
Callum Morton artist
Monash University Caulfield
Felicetti provided Structural Design and Supervision

Philanthropists Marc and Eva Besen have supported the commission of a major architecturally-integrated sculpture by artist Callum Morton for MUMA’s new museum building at the Caulfield campus. Callum Morton’s Silverscreen 2010 is part architecture, part sculpture, part screen, billboard and scaffold. Silverscreen is inspired by the midtwentieth century drive-in cinema screen, “a modern technology related to  economies of entertainment, spectacle and visual modes of public  address”. Callum Morton is one of Australia’s leading artists who has represented Australia at the Venice Biennale, and is well known for the ‘Hotel’ sculpture on Melbourne’s Eastlink Freeway. “The brief was to suggest the design for a type of screen. I have been using the drive-in screen for a long time, as a type of object sitting somewhere between painting, sculpture and the moving image. More recently I have been scaling these up into full blown structures,” Morton said. The sculpture, which encourages light and shadow play by day, and will be illuminated at night, and is due to be finalised by the end of the year. Peter Felicetti collaborated with Callum Morton to develop the structural design, computations and construction supervsion