Site Research

Review of site topography, location, climate, and geotechnical engineers investigations

We will seek to understand the project site constraints and parameters early in the project to determine any implications on the proposed project.
By studying location, geotechnical and topological maps we gain an overview, then by visiting the site we gain an understanding of environmental factors and relationships of other buildings, structures and natural water/landdforms. We will seek published data on wind and seismic parameters and if necessary advise the client to engage a wind consultant and geotechnical engineer to provide us with required engineering parameters in these specialised disciplines. The wind consultant if it is of a significant scale may undertake wind tunnel studies. The geotechnical engineer will conduct a series of bore holes to determine the site stratum, and if there is an existing building on site will undertake footing exposures. The geotechnical engineer will also determine if there are any critical issues such as site slope stability and ground water issues.
All these factors will be taken into account by ourselves in determining suitable structural responses to a project.