EngPass MONA

Art Installation at MONA
Roman Singer Artist Peter Stubbs, Zev
MONA Hobart
Felicetti provided project management, engineering advice , supervision and certification

Peter Felicetti was the engineer and the producer for this recreation of a 2000 art installation called EngPass. Two cantilevering coverging concrete walls were constructed on a slab base, into which a 1982 hatch back Rover was driven at 40km/h to be wedged in the rear opening. Peter calculated the impact forces involved and designed the walls to accommodate these forces. Due to his considerable film industry experience, he handled the production of the one off Event. Viewed by a crowd of 2000 people on a large video screen on the Moorilla Estate lawns, and broadcast through the Tasmanian ABC network. The artist Roman Signer was flown in specially from Switzerland for the event, and therefore the perfect execution of the crash was crucial. Peter organised the appropriate Safety, Stunt and SFX personnel, and well as coordinating Film crew, MONA staff, vehicle mechanics etc. Artist: Roman Signer Producer/Engineer: Peter Felicetti Camera/Director: Raef Sawford SFX Supervisor: Peter Stubbs Stunt Chief: Zev Eleftheriou Stunt Driver: GrahamĀ  Jahne Stunt Assistant: Chris Weir Safety Officer: Garry Martin Mechanic: Paul Minehan