Contract Documentation Phase

Preparation of Detailed Drawings and Computations

Construction Documents: Documents that set forth the detailed requirements for the construction of a building project. They consist of Drawings and Specifications. Drawings are the illustrative component of construction documents, whereas Specifications are written requirements pertaining to building materials, equipment, and construction systems that outline the standards to be met in the construction of a project. When the construction drawings are complete the client will have sufficient information to secure contractor bids and obtain the required permits. The construction drawings are all necessary if the client hopes to have the contractor build the project as it has been conceived by the owner and architect. 
Bidding & Negotiation: 1. Bid: The proposed price at which a contractor offers to complete construction of a project usually based on the information presented in the Construction Documents. 2. Negotiation: A two-way process whereby the owner through the services rendered by the architect contests the offer made by the contractor to obtain more favorable terms that better match the proposed construction intent and the owner’s budget.