Innovative Structures Group and SIAL

Sagrada Familia Passion Facade Study

A collaborative design exploration with

Jane Burry, Peter Felicetti, Jiwu Tang, Mark Burry, Mike Xie

RMIT University, Australia:Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL) and Innovative Structures Group (ISG)

This study is based on a generative performative modeling approach that engages architects and structural engineers in close dialog. We focus on knowledge shared between engineers and architects to apply the Finite Element Analysis based structural design technique Evolutionary Structural Optimization [ESO] as a way to understand or corroborate the performance factors that are significant in determining architectural form. ESO is very close conceptually to the dynamical system of matter and forces of growth itself. It has parallels both mathematical and metaphorical with natural evolution and morphogenesis so it has been poignant to apply the approach to a formal architectural case study in which the generative influence of these processes is inherent. The technique was applied to Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia cathedral, the Passion Fa├žade to demonstrate the structural logic behind Gaudi’s design.