Warburton Trail Bridge

New Pedestrian bridge
Sean Godsell architects
Felicetti provided structural concept, analysis and design

The Lilydale-Warburton Rail Trail is a highly trafficked trail that benefits from its close proximity to the Greater Melbourne Area, and as such can draw a greater volume of riders for day trips or weekenders from this accessible urban population. The major outstanding issue with this trail is the lack of a safe connection across the Maroondah Highway. Making a connection across the highway will vastly enhance the experience for riders and other users alike. The proposed bridge over the Maroondah Highway is the way to do this. Its construction would link the length of the trail to Lilydale and allow access to public transit at Lilydale Station without the need to cross busy highway, as is currently the case. The bridge will improve access, safety, and ease of riding Felicetti developed the structural concept to span the highway, using the Second World War Bailey bridges as a reference. The design was then analysed and design in accordance with AS5100.