Ikon Tower

Apartment tower
Kovac Malone architects
Felicetti provided Structural Design and Documentation

It stands like a melting ice sculpture against a red millennial sky. As light fades, the glow of its glacial blue skin will intensify as the 16-storey construction responds to changes through its interactive surface. Optic nerve-like fibres relay information to a central computer system that activates the building’s own artificial intelligence. Such is the futuristic vision of Kovac and Malone’s Ikon Building. The building’s 12 residences vary in size from 1 to 3 bedrooms. Its interior plays with volumetric space, with the traditional boundary of two walls meeting deflected through the use of seamless curved walls. Drawing references from natural plant like structures, in developing a structural system for this unique project we utilised the Evolutionary Structural Optimisation technique, to create an organic system that responded to the architects design strategy