Emergency Services Memorial

Public Memorial to Emergency Services
Aspect Design Studio = Daryl Crowley
Felicetti provided Structural Design and Certification

The National Emergency Services Memorial was dedicated in July 2004 in honour of the thousands of men and women who serve and have served in Australia s emergency management and services organisations. The memorial provides a place to reflect on those who have been injured or died while carrying out their duties for the benefit of the wider Australian community.

A feature of the memorial wall is a three-dimensional frieze which gathers a collection of images reflecting the diversity of emergency services personnel at work, and records some of their experiences. It is a visual expression of a story and experience of national emergency management based on the underlying principles of Prevent, Prepare, Respond, Recover. The varied level and scale of detail on the surface allows the images to be read at different distances, allowing images to appear depending on the position of the viewer and the light and shadow on the textured surface. The frieze provides multiple, simultaneous and non-linear readings.

The design and construction of the memorial wall involved innovative computer modelling and fabrication techniques. A two stage mould process was carried out prior to the final concrete being cast.

The east face of the memorial wall is highly polished revealing words that embody the values and professionalism of the emergency services personnel. The National Emergency Services Memorial is a place of celebration, as well as reflection and contemplation. It provides a national focus for organised special events and services for all people involved and the emergencies to which they have responded. The memorial is designed to invite still moments of engagement, slowing down and holding the visitor in contemplation and reflection.